Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Are An Excellent Alternative To Surgery For Bumps and Humps nyc new york ny

Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Work Well for Nasal Bumps and Humps
I have been performing nonsurgical nose jobs for more than seven years and have treated many noses that resemble yours from the photographs you have provided. However, photos are no substitute for examining the nose.

Generally, speaking, I might approach a bumped nose by adding to the bridge area, but not too much so as to make the bridge appear too high--just enough to straighten.  Likewise, I would consider reshaping the tip of the nose to give it a bit of a lift (hence straightening it and bringing it more into line with a slightly higher bridge). And lastly, I might consider giving it a bit of a lift to the tip by adding some volumizing filler below the columella, as well.